Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Post 2: Happier post

Firstly nigelb28 is coming over tonight...that is something to be happy about....I have missed his company the last few days as he spent a lot of time over here last week when he was on holiday from work.

Secondly England are playing football tonight so I shall be watching that on the tv. COME ON ENGLAND :)

Thirdly Phillip Schofield has had a rose named after him, so I am going to purchase a rose bush for my garden. I am excited about this. I think I will phone up and place the order tomorrow. My own Phil in the garden (if you don't know who he is he is the guy in my icon). Apparently the bush gets sent out in November...so plently of time.

Actually I have found a pic of Phil and Fern with his rose....cor I love him :)

So yay!! Need to ask mum if I am allowed one in the garden but I am sure I will be....if not I will find another garden to plant it in :)

Today I have reinstall ICQ to see if anyone still uses it. I haven't used it for years!!! Still a few people on there....hope to get in contact with some old friends...got to be honest there is a lot of names on there I haven't got a clue about :)

Oh and finally...this is what happens when Lilly tries to feed herself.....hehe


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