Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

I have been a bit busy today with work etc that I haven't had time to read through LJ posts so I appoligise because I recently gained some new friends and don't want you to think I am an ignorant cow :)

I have turned into a moaner....its official I am getting old...today I received a survey from the local council and I have filled the whole extra notes section with complaints hehe.

1) Too many teenagers hanging around at the end of the road at the local shops in the evenings, they intimidate the eldery, if I was old I would be too scared to go along there.
2) Why does every other city (or it seems like it) or town in the UK have green wheelie bins for their rubbish yet we still just put black binliners out. No wonder there is litter on the streets as they split easily etc.
3) The Lower Bristol road out of Bath towards Bristol from PC World to the dual carriageway needs resurfacing. There are potholes all over the place. Every single time someone drives me down that road I mention it (more of a joke now) because it winds me up!

Today has overall been quite a good day for me. Didn't really get up to loads but it was just nice. My boss Mark wound me up this morning, or tried to. He asked me if I saw Room 101 last night and then asked if I was the girl who sent Phillip Schofield my pubic hairs!!! AS IF!!! I may love him but I am not that sad! :)  This weekend I am going to have to do more work though as Mark and Laura have visitors so no fun for me...

Anyway time for bed....I will make some time for LJ tomorrow.... :)

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