Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Nicked from schnoodle

1. My ex is....still my friend
2. I am listening to....random shite on itunes...erm Tears For Fears at the moment but got Jason Donovan coming up LOL! :)
3. Maybe I should......get a life
4. I love....my family and friends
5. My best friend....is Nigel
6. I don't understand.....people who play with people's feelings
7. I lose.....all my parker pens!
8. People say.....I am not fat when I am!
9. The meaning of my screen name is....chicaboo is the toy that is in my icon! 25 was the age when I changed to this account.
10. Love is.....impossible to describe.
11. Somewhere, someone is.....sleeping
12. I will always....love Phillip Schofield hehe :)
13. Forever seems....to long
14. I never want to......be raped again
15. My mobile phone is.....somewhere
16. When I wake up in the morning....I am always starving
17. I get annoyed when..... people fuck with other people's emotions.
18. Parties are....something I never go to
19. My fish is.....none existant
20. Kisses are the worst when.....your boyfriend has wiped his arse with his hand and smelt it and then you can smell bum sweat on their lips (my ex was so vile)
21. Today I....worked and hung out doing not much
22. Tonight I will....sleep hopefully but who knows!
23. Tomorrow I will...pick up Doris *hopefully*
24. I really want....to be happy and not have worries.

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