Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Today has been ok....to be honest I haven't done much. I spent most of the day in bed because I didn't get to bed until late and I guess I am going to be doing pretty much the same thing tomorrow as its now 4am. It's bloomin' hot here again though!

Spent most of the evening talking to people from my autograph forum, there seems to be a lot of problems on there at the moment. I get some good comments coming from some members then I get some pretty awful ones from others. I am starting to understand why people get annoyed with the forum. When I used to moderate it on my own with Nige, Ben and Gem we used to not have all the rules and we didn't feel the need to enforce them on people all the time. I tried to set a few rules up but I am starting to feel these rules are ruining the forum. If people posted things I didn't like or feel was appropriate I used to just delete them or sort them out via private message however I have been looking through the forum this evening and have realised that some mods are continually telling people this and that is wrong....I am going to wait for Nige to get back from Birmingham tomorrow and talk to him on the phone about it because something needs to change for it to go back to being friendly.

The rest of the early evening was spent exchanging emails with one of the people who are fighting to stop them from knocking down my Nan's old house. One of the local councillors wants to phone me to talk about it but I am not sure mum is going to want me to talk so I haven't said anything as yet. I told the people that I am worried that we will end up getting in an argument with the lady who owns the house now but she said that she has lots more to worry about....apparently she has a big fight on her hands....so far on the petition is the local school, all 3 doctor surgeries, Bath Preservation Trust, Bath Society and 200 households so she probably wouldn't really focus on our family....but it is a worry. Oakford (the house) is next door to my doctors surgery....its been pretty heartbreaking having to go past it all the time and seeing the state of the garden...I can't imagine what I will feel like if I have to go past a 5 storey high block of flats instead...or them knocking the house down.....I wish Uncle George was here....he loved that house and garden....all his sisters lived there....half of them died in that house....Uncle George visits the house I am sure he does....I know that sounds weird but Nan has felt his presence so much when she lived there. I want to fight to save it but mum thinks we should stay out of it. His ashes are buried where the pond used to be...its now a flower bed.

And after all that I spent a couple of hours talking to my good friend Jon...he is a sweetie pie...wish I lived nearer to him...if he ever visits England he is going to come and say hi. I need him to teach me how to use my camera better...I used to enjoy photography with my old camera....now I just tend to point and shoot...

And I finally uploaded some pictures to my myspace....and now I am thinking of doing some work...tidying the house a bit then going to bed.

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