Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

The internet is a funny old place...I always seem to bump into people that I may have known in the past or that are connected to other people.

For example:

lieutenanth has kindly invited me to his party this weekend!

I asked him if any LJers are going and he said matttt and someone else...can't remember....anyway I thought nothing of it.....just carried on...

Until I commented on a post in hazeln's journal....then matttt replied to my comment basically agreeing with what I was saying about the picture...I then go and look in matttt's journal and find out he used to be a #freakteener....which means in theory he could seriously hate my guts! :) because I was a bitch around the #freeteen's days...I was about 17 so longgggggggggg time ago.....can't wait to find out what his nick was on there....he might not have used it when I did. :)

Anyway what am I doing up at 3:50am??? a bastard fly is buzzing around in my room and I can't catch it....going to do some work then go back to bed! l

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