Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Middle of the night...stuff!

I was going to post this earlier this evening but got sidetracked and its now erm 2:35am :) Tomorrow is my day off which is why I am still up....

Rant time coming up NOW!!

Ok picture this....two people sat in a bank wanting a loan (well its different banks but imagine they are all pretty much the same):

Person 1: Single, Self Employed, banked with the bank for 9 years, wanting a loan for £2000.

Person 2: Single with a child, on income support, banked with the bank for 6 years, wanting a loan for £2500.

Ok...now which one of those would you give a loan to??? you guessed it...person 1 is me, person 2 is Anna. Anna walks into her bank and comes out half an hour later with a loan. I go in to mine and they are still whinging at me. I AM SELF EMPLOYED I DO NOT GET A P fucking 60. Sorry but they seem to think I have one and I have asked Mark who I work for who is also self employed...he never gets one. So basically the stupid bank manager is quibbling over my money situation.

If they do not give me the loan, I am going to change banks straight away.....regardless of whether I can get a loan or not at the other bank. What is £2000? I am not asking for flipping £100,000 am I!  So Natwest you bastards....give me a loan or else you lose me...completely. If worst comes to worst Dad said he will take out a loan for himself as he could do with a few bucks to help towards Pat's (his wife) birthday treat, whatever that might be and for me...and I will just pay him monthly. Just drives me mad.....


Today I didn't do much, well yesterday...worked as per usual, Lilly was having a "I love Auntie Ellen day" so I spent some time with her, she loves my telephone and computer. Also got three autographs from Eastenders.....might get around to scanning in my autographs sometime this century.

Ohh on my Autograph Forum people have been asking me questions so I thought I would share the answers with you guys as well as I go along...

Debbie: What made u start collecting autographs?
Answer: When I first received an autograph from Shane Richie and I thought wow I can write to other people I admire and get autographs and it went on from there. I must say that Matt from Celebrity Hangout inspired me. I loved looking around his site and collection and thought I wish I could do that!

Deborah: What other hobbies do you have besides autograph collecting and chatting on MSN?
Answer:  like entering competitions (I have won over 200 prizes), reading, playing on pogo.com, watching tv, listening to music, maintaining my Phillip Schofield site, swimming (but don't go enough), looking after Lilly

James: What was your first ever autograph?
Answer: Ever Ever was Pete and Geoff from Virgin Radio because they sent me a goodie bag for having my diary read out on their show every night.
But first one that made me collect is my Shane Richie one.

James: If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Answer: Apart from Phillip's house for the day hehe....I would go to New Zealand. It sounds lovely and quiet. I love the countryside so I think I would love it of course I would have to pop to Australia whilst I was there to Ramsey Street.

db6937:  If you had the choice between winning £1m or meeting Phillip Schofield, what would you choose?
Answer: Meet Phillip Schofield :) I know that sounds sad but he is amazing. Though of course it depends....if you said the million was so I never got to meet him then i wouldn't take it. But if I still could meet him then I would take the million and spend some of it on hiring him for a day or something heh.

jorgemeehan:  Have you got an auto which you really want but you havent got it yet?
Answer: Yep Tears For Fears.....I have written twice....once via agent, once via venue....no success

db6937: OK a follow on question ... say you DO hire Phil for a day, what would your ideal day with him be? ;)
Answer: David....well it wouldn't be what you think.... ;) I would love to spend the morning watching him film This Morning then in the afternoon I would like to maybe go back to his house and meet his family, maybe do an interview for my website, and have some food and drink.

James: What is your favourite meal and why do you like it?
Answer: Roast dinner cooked by mum.....because they are the best but we don't have them anymore

Em: What's the most embarrssing thing that has ever happen to you?
Answer: Probably had my online diary read out on Virgin Radio....it was pretty embarrasing hearing it every night.

James: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be? What do you like in particular about this animal?
Answer: A cat...because they are lazy :) hehe

nigelb28: Elle, If you could do any job? What would it be?
Answer: PA to Phillip Schofield...or his agent....or even run his official site (which he hasn't got one)

chrisbnz: If you were allowed only 3 autograghs (not including Phill's) who would u choose & why?
Answer:  Shane Richie because he is gorgeous.
James Hewitt because he is such a nice guy.
Doris Day because she is a brilliant actress

tractorgirl: Whats your middle name?
Answer: Patricia after my Nan (Dad's mum) - she died when my Dad was 13.

James: If you could have a part in Coronation Street, what would your character be called, and what would they do etc...
Answer:  I would be called Ellen.....because I still like my name hehe :) I would come into the soap with Martin Platt....he would be returning and i would be his new woman and I would have a fight with Gail....and get to call her Pigeon face!

chrisbnz: if u were a car what would u be?
Answer: BMW - I hope :)

deborah: Would you ever go on a reality show? If so which one?
Answer: Nope....never :) Way too embarrassing

bensautographs: who would you like to meet most out of Eastenders?? and why?
Answer: Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning)...because he is sweet.

davidoflondon: If you could have plastic surgery what would you change and why?
Answer: To be honest I would never have plastic surgery. If anything I would have something done about my weight

chrisbnz: other than a soap what show would u like to appear in?
Answer: thats easy...This Morning with Phil....and Fern!

Oh the fun ;) hope they ask me some more soon....I think I need to see if other plebs on there have ljs too :)


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