Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm...which is mega early for me. I just felt so tired and a little bit ill, still not feeling great but I will live. Still no news on the loan and the woman told me not to keep ringing her, she doesn't think I will get it anyway....it's just so stupid.

I deleted myself from that dating site. Just realised it wasn't for me. The kind of people contacting me just wanted a quick shag and I am not into one night stands etc. Plus I was talking to a friend and I have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for, I am sure one day I will find the right person but I am not so bad off being single for now. I quite like just making friends and chatting to people online and getting to know them. I have one friend who I really enjoy chatting to but he is only really ever around about once a week as we have a big time difference between us, but his chats mean a lot to me, he pretty much knows quite a bit about me that I don't tell everyone. I just feel I can talk to him well, just wish I could talk to him more.

Today I had to go out and get some crickets for Mr Toad....hopefully he is happy now...I have renamed him to Mr Toad as I am the person that looks after him and I didn't like him being called Alice (we don't know if he is a boy or girl).

And now I will go and read all your entries...whilst I have some time before more work arrives....

Here are my answers to some more questions asked on my forum hehe:

userfia: I have just started collecting autographs have you got any advice for me?
My answer: my advice is to be patient....celebs sometimes take ages to reply!

innocentfairy: Are you at all bothered that Phillip Schofields new show It's now or nevr has been axed?
My answer: I am a bit upset about it being axed considering that there was only one more show to go and all the poor people involved with making the second one and it not even being shown. I don't understand why they couldn't show this one this week then it will be finished!

userfia: Ellen whats your favourite autograph and why?
My answer: My personalised Phillip Schofield Autograph...it just means so much to me after liking him for 20 years.

My answer: I would give some to all my family. Buy myself a house, and hire Phil for the day for all the girls on my Phil Schofield forum

davidoflondon: Would you rather be immensley wealthy but hated (like Bill Gates for example) or loved by everyone but broke (like me for example)?
My answer: I would rather be loved and broke than hated and rich! Money doesn't bring complete happiness...I know that because I look at my Nan and the amount of people who have tried to manipulate her and pretend to be friends to get money out of her.


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