Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Autograph Forum

What really annoys me about running the autograph forum is the teenage kids messaging/msning me all the time!!!

A classic example:
Kid: hiya
Me: Hi I am working so sorry if I am slow at replying
Kid: how long did it take for you to get so and so's autograph?
Me: About 2 months
Kid: what about so and so?
Kid: Ellen fucking answer me!! are you ignoring me?

So what happens then when I finally get around to looking at their msn window I just hit the block key....patience....I explained I was working why can't they get used to it. Also it annoys me all those stupid animated gifs..urgh!

Apart from that it seems to be going well....we now have 126 members....and we have made 4,600 posts in about two weeks! :)

More questions I have answered about myself today, which I will share so you guys can get to know me :)

innocentfairy: What do you do for a living Ellen?
My answer: I work from home - self employed - I help to run an online guesthouse booking agency

Mizz Louisa Lytton: I saw you done a balloon race thing on your website! Did anyone reply or find any of your balloons?
My answer: Nige and I did set off 44 balloons. We only got 3 replies which was a shame from people just outside Chippenham so they went about 10 miles. We hope to do the experiment again. When I was 15 I let off a balloon and it got all the way to Germany.

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