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Autograph Collecting Schedule

Just going to put my schedule down on here because I am really excited about the people coming to the Theatre Royal in Bath over the last months of the year...I am glad some good people are coming because I miss going collecting....YAY....Nige will need to sort time off work as well to come with me as he is my photographer :)

20th September - Mel Smith (from Smith and Jones) and Belinda Lang (2 point 4 children)
27th September - Christopher Timothy (All Creatures Great And Small) and Art Malik (Holby City) - I got Chris before but would like a better pic with him :)
11th October - Felicity Kendal (The Good Life)
25th October or 1st November - Penelope Keith (The Good Life/To The Manor Born)
6th December - Ron Moody (Oliver!)

Some great stars there.....can't wait to meet Felicity Kendal, Penelope Keith and Ron Moody :)
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