Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Today has been a normal boring day...loads of work. Been a bit worried about Anna today as she is not at her best again, I am convinced her depression is to do with her period. She gets like this every month.

Been playing some more games on Pogo.com - just the weekly challenges. I now have 343 badges, for people who don't know pogo.com basically each week they do two weekly challenges and when you complete them you get a badge in your like album. You also get to do personal challenges which are challenges you may have missed out on. Not looking forward to some of the challenges coming up. Euchre - can't even remember how to play it!! Nige will have to remind me hehe. Dominoes is ok but 25 - 250 point games, is gonna take forever.Stellar Sweeper *barf* Checkers ugrh...and Cribbage...ack! :) heh.

davidoflondon: Suppose you could end poverty in Ethopia, but in order to do so you'd need to destroy all your autographs (they have to be burnt you can't just give them to friends) and never get or even look at another autograph ever again. Now one will know what you've done either way so you won't be thanked or critiscised, whatever decision you make. Only you'll know.So which choice do you make?
My answer: I may enjoy collecting autographs but if it really did end poverty then I would give up collecting!

davidoflondon: So presumably you accept that you're a decent human being who cares more about others than she does for herself. Basically you're a very nice person. That's true isn't it?
My answer: Yes but I am still ugly and fat David ;)

madhattertom: Do you like football?
My answer: Yes but I don't really follow it as much as I used to when I was younger

innocentfairy: If you could have three wishes (and only one can involve Phil Schofield), what would they be?
My answer: 1. To meet and spend a day with Phil
2. To lose weight
3. For my sister to totally overcome her depression. She has really suffered enough, I just want her to be better and not have these little dips every so often.

Tomorrow Nige is coming over in the evening. I think we might have a few drinks for a change....not sure yet. On Sunday we might go for a nice walk with Anna and Lil. :)

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