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What a day...its been weird....good and bad...

The Good

I finally got my glasses and its amazing.....I can see signs and peoples faces properly from a distance, and even read the sky guide thing on the telly from the sofa. Wohoo! They are lovely, I am glad I choose rimless ones....it was worth the extra money.

Jen came over and finally sorted out my hair....all I can say is its short!!! Blimey I was gobsmacked when I saw the hair on the floor...I know a lot of people like my hair longer but I prefer it shorter as its easier to manage and also it was a mess long, split ends etc.

I managed to get Ben's present out which means he should get it on time for his birthday. Also paid my credit card off. Also I was lucky today to be in the company online of honesty_sucks....what a nice guy!!

The Bad

Since this afternoon I have been poorly...basically my bowel has been playing up and after toileting about 8 or 9 times your arse does start to get sore. So Sore I nearly cry when I am walking. I know this is being a bit gross but fuck me does it hurt.....I last went about an hour and a half ago so I am hoping there isn't more to come. I am worrying though as I keep belching up my tea which is making me feel like I might puke. I just feel sick to be honest. I am drinking plenty of water.....I have taken a nice bath in the hope it will soothe my arse...did a little bit of good but not completely great so I have resorted to Lilly's nappy rash cream...I am fine sat here at the moment but as soon as I move its gonna hurt. I also have a lot of washing to do tomorrow where I didn't make it up the stairs fast enough.

I almost forgot......THE UGLY
Me today....new hair, new glasses....


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