Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Today has been a better day for me. Anna is still not 100% but I am sure she is getting better. This evening Gareth popped in on his way home from Doncaster to Weymouth. He arrived at about 6:30pm and stayed till about 11pm. It was so nice to see him again. I really do miss him a lot. I still love him, I know he doesn't feel the same about me anymore but there is always a really special place in my heart for Gareth. He really helped me a lot and I am still very much attracted to him. Like I said, I know he has moved on but it doesn't stop me wondering what could have been if I wasn't such a wimp and backed out of our relationship when it got too serious for me. I guess its a mistake I can't really make better. I am glad we are still friends.

I also changed the nameservers for http://www.schofieldfans.co.uk to Gareth's server because I haven't been able to get stats since I had the web forwarding thing....this way I will be able to check out the stats....it will take a few days to go through but it is really sweet of him to let me :) Also had an email today from someone who is friends with Tim Schofield (Phil's brother) and he has some great pics and is going to contact Tim about the site which is nice of him. :)

So its all good....better go to bed soon as I didn't sleep well last night.

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