Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Work has been hell today...I can't get to the website or email and haven't been able to all afternoon which means tomorrow is going to probably be really busy!!

Only a couple of people have joined my new daily quiz community.....I would have thought more would considering I am stopping my main one. Also I did this as a couple of people said they would love their friends to be able to play as well....so if you want to take part in a daily quiz tournament please read the community info and join and spread the word to your friends dailyquiz so that more people can play. Would make my day!

Nige has been here tonight so we have chatted, watched a bit of tv, normal stuff. Some stupid girl is still annoyed that I have banned her from the forum even though she deleted her account twice today and is so childish! I think I might play a few games on pogo....personal challenge marathon week so lots to do :)

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