Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Today has been pretty cool. I got up early and went to a car boot sale with Anna and Lil. We got there at about 8:30pm and it was already packed with people. There was loads of stuff there, too much really....I didn't buy anything for myself because I just didn't see anything I wanted. I was hoping to pick up some books or something but none interested me or the ones that did I have already read. I did however buy some stuff for Lil, some alphabet letter things for the bath, a long tunnel thing she can crawl through (she loves it) and a ball with loads of little balls in so it makes a noise as it goes along. I reckon Anna and I are going to have to do a car boot sometime because Anna has loads of baby stuff to sell and I have loads of books.

In the afternoon I did some work and mum came down. Tomorrow I am going to chill, do some work and see nigelb28.

Is it sad that I am excited for This Morning to restart again next week, can't wait to see Phil on the tv again....he is so lush! Shame he isn't doing "Test The Nation" on Saturday but its because of his deal with ITV, he isn't allowed to work for the BBC at the same time. *Sigh*

7 days and sexy Phil will be back...YAY :)

YUM! :) hehe. Phillip Schofield Online has now had over 4000 hits and is high on the search engine, and the forum is a little busier....hope more fans will join when they find it...I am pretty chuffed and I love running the site...I do worry sometimes though. I watched The X Factor last night and this girl went and showed Louis Walsh a website she had made for him and he was so embarrassed, I wonder if Phillip would be embarrased by my site? and if I ever do get to meet Phil, which I hope to in the next year do I tell him about the site? or do I keep quiet about it? I never want to make him feel awkward or anything. *ponder*

Oh and I did that darn poppit badge in the end ;)

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