Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

I am so in lust with Sam Strachen (Tom Chambers) on Holby City..........he is just so YUM!

My asthma has been awful today....its coming up to the time of year where I always get it worse so I may go back to the doctors and see what they suggest as I really would rather not have to visit the hospital to be put on the nebuliser this year.

Tomorrow Anna, Lil, nigelb28 and myself are going to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm....sad thing is I am not even looking forward to it at all.

I am just so down at the moment as usual mainly about my weight, but I just feel people nag me all the time and no one ever has anything nice to say about me....its just all "Oh you have got to lose weight" and then people just keep bringing cakes here and stuff...I work so hard and people just think I don't do anything. It's like the exercise thing....I only finished work at about 7:45pm tonight and I was so tired and I wanted to watch Holby City...the one program I love to watch each week. Now I feel guilty because I haven't gone on the treadmill. I wish the mornings were easier for me...I would go on the treadmill in the morning but I can't because most mornings I come online and do my first lot of work and my eyes automatically close and my body aches and I feel if I don't go back to bed I will just collapse....as soon as I go up to bed I fall back asleep. I never feel refreshed.

Anyway I better do the forum newsletter if I am going out tomorrow. I wish I hadn't said I was going now...just don't feel like doing anything and its the only day I have off all week.

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