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My big toe and other stuff....

Today has been good. I didn't get much sleep last night so had a bit of a lie in this morning, then nigelb28 and I went to Chew Valley Lake. We was going to go for a walk but the weather was so bad, the lake looked really choppy, so instead we just went into the cafe for some lunch. It was very pleasant. We then came home and chilled for the rest of the day. Mum came down with her laptop and I installed MSN for her so I can now chat online to her :)

Tonight we watched "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?" which I have rapidly gone off because its a complete and utter fix. They decided to let one contestant only sing with the children and surprise surprise it was Siobhan....Yes she has a good voice but I personally think she is too much of a pretty girl to be a Maria. The main producer guy, David, basically wants to shag her obviously so sings her praises each week no matter what. I don't know if I can continue watching it when week after week they let Siobhan do extra than the other contestants. Last week they let her sing a extra bit to show the public how good she can be, they never do that with the others, this week she was the only one who got to sing with the children. Its a complete and utter fix if she wins. And all that lack of confidence thing is an act...a load of bollocks!

Also watched The X Factor...I really don't understand why some people go on there thinking they are good when they are so crap!!! I feel sorry for Simon, Louis and Sharon having to put up with some of the people they do, though its very entertaining...I do get a bit annoyed though when parent's etc come back in and have a go at Simon only, or people have a go at him, because three people do decide on whether someone stays or goes not just Simon, though he gets the blame. Simon is a good guy really I think and his heart is in the right place he showed that tonight on one or two occasions.

I watched the start of Test the Nation but decided it was crap....usually I put up with it to see Phil but as it was Danny Wallace this time and not Phil, no real need to watch it....by the way Danny isn't a patch on Phillip Schofield presenting wise! :)

Can anyone tell I am in a bitchy mood tonight??? :) heh.

Another thing that happened tonight is I beat Nige on Fifa on the playstation again....he seems to think I am cheating but I am not....nothing is as good as the scoreline yesterday. 9 - 1 to me!!! :) Sorry Nige :)

And finally the subject says "My big toe" well its a hurting me a lot. I think I am going to have to go to the doctors on Monday. Basically I cut my toe nails the other day and I cut my big toe nail a bit short but it wasn't too bad...anyway now down one side of my big toe it is swollen and it hurts to touch and if I press on it this gunk starts coming out. I think it might be infected...it looks really red around it too. It just throbs at the moment. :(

Tomorrow morning (well this morning now) I am going to a car boot sale...I hope the weather is ok and that Anna isn't too poorly...she has a bad cold...anyway enough for now. :)

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