Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Argh its not good....I can't sleep because for some reason I am panicing over nothing. I just can't breathe tonight. I thought it might be because I am hungry, I know that sounds weird but it just makes me feel gross when I am hungry so I came downstairs for something to eat....but still I can't breathe well...its like I can't breathe deep enough and everytime I nearly get to sleep I seem to wake up panicing that I can't breathe...

I have to be up at 6:45am to do my paper round. The round is going well though I am not looking forward to the winter months where its dark in the morning and I have to walk past a graveyard!! Today was probably the most painful day of the round as far as my ankle is concerned. One of my ankles is slightly arthritic and today it killed pretty much all the way around....I had to keep stopping....not sure if there is anything I can do to help it, stop it from feeling like my bones are going to pierce my skin....

Anyway I better try to sleep again....I hate the night!

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