Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Stinking Cold and weight.

It's nearly 2am and I am still awake. It's probably my own fault. I felt really gross today so as it was my day off I spent most of my time sleeping. I am really tired but I have a stinking cold so everytime I lie down I can't breathe because my nose is blocked. So I have come downstairs for a lemsip...I have to be up in 4 and a half hours to do my paper round....great! I find drinking lemsips so hard because I absolutely hate hot drinks. So I will be here for awhile....

This evening even though I felt rancid I made myself go to weightwatchers. I was worried about going because I have been really bad recently...had too much pizza and not really following the diet. Been finding it really hard to get into this time. Anyway I went and was surprised when it came up that I have lost 1.5lbs. I think the paper round is really helping with this so I am going to keep it up and try to stop eating crap! Total weight loss so far is 3.5lbs. Not much but like I said I haven't really been trying.....

I am never going to get the pogo bowl badge this week on pogo....its impossible!!!

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