Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Feeling crappy.

Today has been one of those days when I have felt really crappy all day....I got up, did my paper round, came back and went to bed....got up for work and then back to bed.....I even missed watching Phillip on This Morning, have to wait till Monday now hehe. So basically I spent all day pretty much in bed, sleeping or reading my book which is the new one by Paul Burrell about Diana. Loads of people are against it but actually I am enjoying it as I did the last book, I think these type of eyewitness accounts are good for people in the future to look back and see what Diana's life was like. If Paul Burrell didn't do it....someone else would.

This evening I watched a documentry which I Sky+'d from last week it was about a boy who had lived before. I thought the program was really good. I saw the little boy on This Morning last week. I have always been interested in things like this. The boy claimed from the age of about 3 that he had another family in an island off Scotland and he remembered the house he lived in and that the planes landed on the beach so his mother decided to take him to the island and they found the house.....I really believe in this whole living before thing. I remember someone telling me that when they was at school they went on a trip to London and the class got lost and the teacher was worried they would miss the bus back and this boy who had never visited London before told them to follow him and knew loads of shortcuts and back roads in London. All very interesting....

Then this evening I made a card for Lil (see previous post)...

Thanks to nigelb28 for doing the Pogo Bowl badge for me on Pogo...this weeks challenge was so hard and I tried loads but I just couldn't get over 200.....still need to do the other challenge which is going to be boring....roll on next week, hope they are better challenges.... *goes to look* Dice City Roller YAY....Mahjong Garden 36 animals BOO! If anyone is interested in trying out Pogo.com and wants a five day pass to Club Pogo let me know...its a great site, each week you get challenges in different games on the site, if you complete them you get badges, you can do one personal challenge a week as well to get previous badges....I have loads of badges now, thanks to Nige for introducing me to the site! :)

Right bed time...got to get up at 6:30am to do my paper round....tidying the house and stuff tomorrow ready for Lilly's party on Sunday :)

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