Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Long time no update....

I haven't updated for awhile, its been so busy around here....Anyone got any important news to tell me?

Last weekend was Lil's 1st birthday which was fun, we had about eight children with parent(s) come to her party which left the house in a complete and utter mess but nevermind. She is such a cutie pie.

This week I have been running the business as my bosses are away. They are back late on Monday which will be good, its been busyish but not many people have been booking even though I have put loads into replying to the enquiries. It can be so frustrating sometimes.

I have stopped sending off autograph requests recently because I need a break from it, I am now only sending letters out to a few celebs that I really like. I sent a letter to Phillip Schofield yesterday just to update him on the site as more people have joined the forum and I have added a few extra things recently.....yes I am still loving him ;) hehe. Can't wait for This Morning next week apparently Liza Minelli is going to be on the show and when she was last on a show with Phillip back on Going Live! she fancied him like mad and was really nervous and blamed Phil for it and he said it was one of his most embarrasing moments on Going Live! hmm...wonder if they will show the clip :) Anyway its good that more Phil fans are coming out the closet and joining the forum ;)

I have taken up a new hobby - I am now going to start writing to penpals. My friend from the autograph forum, Debbie, has loads of penpals and they make these little friendship books which they send with their addresses in, they pass them on from penpal to penpal so people can write to new people. Today I wrote to two people and added my name and address to loads of the books to send back to Debbie as she is going to send them on for me. I just wrote to a couple of girls in the UK but I would also love some male penpals but there wasn't any in the books. I used to have a penpal when I was 14 called David from France, he was cool! Some people think penpalling is old fashioned now but I much prefer receiving letters in the post than emails! So if anyone wants to penpal with me (as I can be pretty crap at updating my LJ) just email me your address (include LJ name if you are an LJ user) chicaboo25@livejournal.com would be cool! :)

I also need to get back in entering competitions, haven't won anything recently....been spending way too much time on pogo.com especially with the quick quack challenge....what a nightmare that was!!!

Anyway I best be off to bed.....night all!

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