Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Phillip Schofield likes the site!!!

Wow Janet, the lady who made the banner has texted me from the National TV Awards. She got there really early and got a good spot near all the cameras....she put the banner up as her friends hubby made some poles for it and Sharon Marshall the tv correspondent on This Morning went over to her and filmed her with the banner, so I reckon they could be on This Morning tomorrow......Phillip arrived a bit later with his wife Stephanie and went over to Janet as he saw the banner and gave her a kiss (lucky!!) and she asked him if he liked the website and he said he loves it!!!! I am so chuffed that he likes it because I would hate it if he didn't, I so enjoy working on the site. Steph asked her if she had seen Fern yet, which she hadn't at that time and then she asked Phillip if he was would come on the site and leave a message sometime and he nodded! heh. Then Fern arrived and blew Janet a kiss....she then went into the ceremony and has had to turn her phone off so waiting to hear any news....

I am so happy for her....its excellent!!

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