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Yay For Mr Postie....

Got to feel sorry for the postmen at this time of year....saying that they get good tips especially if they do a round in a good area, one of Dad's friends gets over a £1000 in tips each year. Dad doesn't have a regular round, he does a different round each day but he gets a cut of all tips from the regular postman and one of them doesn't drink so Dad gets all the bottles of booze...last year he had about 30!! heh I have had three tips on my paper round so far or a grand total of £11 :) heh.

Anyway, Yay for Christmas....the postie has just been and love him he had loads for me....shame it wasn't Lukey wonder where he is!

Today I got....

Christmas Cards from:

hazeln - thanks hunny....
Matt - autograph forum
Neil - autograph forum
Steven - penpal
Jenny - penpal

I also got....

Some address labels from Debbie (love ya hun!!)
A letter from a penpal called Sarah
A mug I ordered for Anna as a present from Lilly it has a picture of Lilly on it and then it says Worlds Greatest Mum on it...no one else will buy for her from Lil and she can't exactly go out and buy anything herself.
Also Jenny my penpal sent me a christmas present which I opened (I know I am naughty). It is two lovely boxes of Clotted Cream biscuits and shortbread (she lives in Devon)...I LOVE shortbread....


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