Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

I had an awful nights sleep last night, I am sure its that Sunday feeling that does it every week from way back when I was at school. I never used to sleep well on a Sunday night, the stress of going back to school for another week, I am sure I just got into some routine or something.

This morning I called the vets, I was going to wait until after Christmas but the situation here has got bad. Poor Doris is getting no peace from Percy, he is trying to mount her all the time so I called them and by this time tomorrow he would have had his op to stop his randiness! heh...so I have to starve the cats overnight....I really do feel sorry for Doris at the moment because Percy is chasing her all the time and whenever Tigger gets near her he decks the hell out of her....don't quite know what the barny is about. :(

Today I had a couple of competition wins...A Magic The Gathering cards set (second set I have won this year) and also my final prize from the Loquax Grotto Comp which is a David Hasslehoff book....I am going to start getting back into comping I think :) these wins are just what I needed.

Got a couple of penpal letters today as well....which was nice :)

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