Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Ouch My Head....Merry Christmas....

Well I had way too much to drink last night, about 3/4 of a bottle of malibu which is a lot for someone who hasn't had much alcohol in recent days....it's amazing I managed to lock up the house and get to bed.....all I can say is OUCH my head is killing and I am on my fourth glass of water :) heh.

Lilly was so excited when she got down here this morning. We set up her garage I bought her last night so when she saw that she was ohhhing hehe. Even though she is only one she knew what she was doing and had great fun pulling the paper off her first batch of presents....

I opened my first batch of presents and I got (this will be a great way for me to remember to thank everyone properly).....

From Dad - £60, a bottle of malibu and 5 books of 12 2nd class stamps for my autograph collecting/penpalling!
From my sister, Anna - Smash Hits Annual (very funny - gorgeous poster of Phillip Schofield in it too), Afro Ken folder, Afro Ken Rubbers (erasers to you 'merkins not condoms), Afro Ken pen, Afro Ken writing pad, Afro Ken pencils, two hole punches one of a little man and one of a butterfly, a little kitten stamp and some pants.
From Lilly - a cute picture of her which I posted in my journal last week and a Worlds Greatest Auntie coaster.
From my sister, Frances - a box of thortons chocolates (to share with Anna) - YUM!
From Auntie Sarah and family - A girls night in basket to share with Anna...which is a bottle of Archers, a towel each, a bath bomb each and some chocolates.
From Pam (my late grandfather's wife) - A nice scarf and glove set.
From Auntie Val - a scarf, some socks and some handkerchiefs
From Auntie Betty - a scarf
From my bosses Mark and Laura - £50

Wow I have done well...second batch will be this afternoon when Mum comes down and Nige comes over....I am excited because I love seeing Nige and Mum open their presents from me. :)

Haha just been looking in the Smash Hits book and there is a section about silly questions people asked celebrities...and someone asked Jason Donovan "Have you ever been sick in a kangaroo's pouch?" - how bizarre....

More later....hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and that Santa has visited you.....

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