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More pressies ;)

Mum has arrived and we had an opening presents session again.....

I got....

From Nan: £200
From Mum: £100, Paradise smellies from Next, chocolate liqueurs, a jumper, pants, socks, Bubble bath from M&S and a little cute notepad and pen.

Lilly was so cute at dinner, she wasn't eating very well and it was because she wanted to feed herself bless her, so we let her, she made a bit of a mess but she is so amazing! She seems to have a problem with Dora The Explorer today though, everytime she see's The Map she cries so those dvds are sitting on the shelf :)

And my cousin Yasmine sent my mum a cd of a song she has composed herself and played on the piano....its amazing. Yasmine is 10 or 11 years old and she did this. Click here and listen to Yasmine's Dreams

Hope everyone else is having a lovely day!! :)

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