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An update!

Is it sad that I am looking forward to a nice evening sitting in front of the tv, writing letters to penpals? probably.....

Eastenders - BBC1 - 7:30pm (not keen on this relationship thing between Max and Stacey though....barf...why do girls fancy him???? but then I guess people say the same about me fancying Mr Schof)
Holby City - BBC1 - 8pm
It Started With Swap Shop - BBC2 - 9pm (apparently Going Live! footage will be on it so old clips of Phillip ;))

I have about 20 letters to reply to and a new friend to write to as well recommended from another pal. The Penpal World Forum that I set up with Debbie now has 40 members....its a bit of a slow starter but I really hope people make new penpals and as soon as Debs and I start sending out the friendship books (fbs) with the address in we should get more members. Quite a few of my LJ friends have joined which is nice :)

I had such a good time last night playing poker on Pogo with nigelb28, flucked_up_girl and wimmeke it's nice that you guys are on pogo as well, its such a fun site....even though the game is crappy....the chat was good hehe. I hope I get the badge soon, then I will have all the badges from this year and get the 2006 completed album book! :) By the way have you guys seen the LJ pogo community? pogoers :)
I have been looking at challenges coming up on http://www.badgeaddicts.com and that Aces Up challenge coming up in a few weeks is going to be a long one I reckon....add 333 planes to your Squadron this week....you can only get a maximum of 4 in each game I think! On well I quite like the game but nothing beats Lottso! hehe :)

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired this morning....was anyone else really hot last night? I finished reading the David Hasslehoff book which I won, I used to watch Baywatch a bit, never really watched Knight Rider but it was a good read....wonder if Debbie wants the book now, I know she likes Baywatch. I started reading "The Year of Yes" by Maria Headley, only read a bit so far but I can tell its going to be funny and a good read....its about a woman living in New York who decided to say yes to everyone who asked her out during a year, even a tramp apparently...eventually she finds love....definitely the kind of book I like....heh :)

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