Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Dancing On Ice....

Ohh the official line up for Dancing On Ice has been announced. It starts on 13th January and Phillip will be hosting it....YUM...

The line up....

1. Kay Burley - Sky News presenter
2. Neil Fox - radio dj
3. Lee Sharpe - former man united player
4. Phil Gayle - newsreader
5. Ulrika Jonsson - tv presenter
6. Duncan James - ex Blue singer
7. Stephen Gately - ex Boyzone singer
8. Clare Buckfield - 2 Point 4 Children actress
9. Kieran Bracken - former England rugby player
10. Lisa Scott-Lee - ex Steps singer
11. Emily Symons - Emmerdale actress

I loved Stephen Gately when I was a teenager...had posters of Boyzone all over my wall and even cried at their concert so I am really chuffed that he is doing this....he was a really good dancer so I have a feeling he might be good. On the negative I can't stand Ulrika Jonsson....BARF! I am really gutted that Sarah Greene pulled out.

So I started a new section on my Phillip Schofield Online message board especially for Dancing On Ice. More and more people Phillip fans seem to be finding the site and joining in which is great.

Watched "It's Now Or Never" tonight as well which I thought was great.....I like happy programs. Still don't know why ITV axed it the first time round!

Today has been pretty uneventful for me.....Nige and I was up nearly all night chatting....we just didn't feel tired at all....we ended up coming downstairs at about 3am to see what was happening with Saddam. I think we finally got to sleep at about 4:30/5ish....and then we got up at 7:45am and went to do my paper round....came home and Nige went home and I went to bed and slept most of the day! DOH! :)

Thanks also to minervica for the lovely xmas card....loved the stamps...especially Neighbours ;)

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