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Holby City....

I am so glad I didn't go to bed early and miss Holby City tonight because it was great as usual....this is one of my favourite programmes on tv....

Anna and I were in fits of hysterics this evening over it because although it is not funny to laugh at mental people this guy on there was so funny...my sister and I have both been through depression so we know the kind of weird things you can obsess over and can't get out of your head but this bloke was so funny...he kept eating pens and in the end he needed an operation to remove them....but what topped us off with the laughter was when they said his name was "Paul Stafford" that just had us laughing that he was a mental patient and had the same surname as us....Dad watches Holby so next time he comes down we are going to offer him a pen to eat and see if he twigs ;) hehe. The ending was great that Connie gave Sam the scan....so chuffed Holby is on again on Thursday!

Talking of Sam...he is sooooo buff!! is that a word you use for hot? I just have had the urge to use it for two days but haven't quite had a chance....anyway he is my second favourite man on the box (after Phillip of course)....for you guys who don't know him I thought I would share a picture of him.....his name is Tom Chambers....

Just so yummy!!! :)

On my journeys around this wonderful invention called the internet I came across this tap dancing video of him which he used as his audition for Holby City....I thought it was ace so thought I would share it :)

Right, going to have a lemsip and attempt to go to bed....I managed to write three more penpal letters so 9 to go to be up to date :)
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