Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford


It's another horrible day out there, raining. Why are Saturday paper rounds so horrible? I know Sunday is worse and luckily I don't do it then but today I really struggled, probably because my chest is bad....got there in the end though.....didn't help I only got about an hour's sleep so might have a snooze this morning.

Later on I am going to make those fbs. Probably when Soapstar Superstar is on tonight....GO FLETCH (Karl Kennedy from Neighbours) :)

People who have sent me their details for fbs so far


So if anyone else wants some see yesterday's posts....

Think I might make a few for my friend Debbie and a couple of my other pals, also I have some to make from a label bag....

Wish I could stop coughing!!! GRR!!!

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