Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Emmerdale and stuff....

Anyone else fed up with the crappy Who Killed Tom King? storyline on Emmerdale. It is rapidly becoming the worst soap on tv in my opinion, its so boring....I can't believe they are carrying that storyline on till at least May....Oh well....its just backgroud noise anyway, never liked Emmerdale much....

Tonight I made some more fbs with Anna.....now I have 161.....going to stop for now though as I have to get rid of this lot first hehe. Tomorrow evening Nige is coming over which will be nice then on Wednesday we are going to The Range shop in Bristol, might get some more stickers. :)

A friend of mine from the Schofield Fans Forum has managed to get tickets to the Dancing On Ice dress rehearsel on Thursday, she is hoping to catch Phillip and ask him about March, as we are worrying that he won't be working the day we plan to pop and say hi.....she said if she can't talk to him she will try to pass him a note....so fingers crossed we should get some kind of confirmation. She is so lucky. I wish I lived nearer to London so I could go to the studios and things to see him. *sigh* feeling a bit crap today and I should be feeling great as Phil is on tv 6 days a week from now on...maybe I am due on or something!!

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