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Blast from the past....

This morning I received an email from someone I liked when I was 16. He was 26 at the time and from London and I managed to meet him a couple of times and at the time being 16 and quite immature I thought I was in love with him. I thought about him all the time and he told me he loved me to. That summer I went to America for two weeks and the day I flew home was the day he was flying out to Canada for a couple of weeks, I ws gutted but I managed to talk to him on the phone whilst in America however when he got back he said he had met a girl in Canada and was moving there, which he did. For about a year I kept a book that I used to write in every now and then when I used to think about him...just really writing how hurt I was....

Anyway 10 years on and I received a mail from him, all nice as pie and telling me about his life in Canada which is fair enough, obviously I got over him a long time ago and when I moved house I binned the book! Anyway today he emailed me a couple of times which was nice but now I have emailed him back telling him how he hurt me and about the book, surprise surprise no reply as yet.....we shall see if he bothers to reply at all. To be honest I am not fussed either way. He will be in London at the same time as me when I go and try to meet Phillip but I definitely have no plans to ever meet him again.

When I go to London I will be with Nige and Anna anyway probably. I might meet one of the girls from my forum on the Tuesday evening or possibly my cousin Isis if she is around. Hope Janet gets to speak to Mr Schofield on Thursday so we can finalise our plans :) I am so nervous already about meeting Phillip after liking him for 20 years and doing the site and all that. It will just be great to say hi :)

I got another letter today from a new penpal...I think I will send her a letter today with all my info on so she can decide whether she wants to write back :)

Right better get back to work etc :)

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