Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

What A Day....

There was me asking you all to ask me questions thinking I would have time to do that this afternoon then I go and get myself busy.....sorry guys...will answer the questions tomorrow! :)

Still time to ask me more....thanks to the 20 people who have asked me already....if you haven't go on, you know you want to, fill in the poll - and I will answer all tomorrow.

Today I got up at 7am, I was really tired though as Nige stayed last night and as usual I didn't sleep well...I usually read myself to sleep whereas Nige likes it to be dark so I end up laying there wide awake till I think "stuff this" and get back up. So anyway I got Nige up at 7am as well to help me do my paper round, we drove most of the way around as it was raining. Came home and i went and had a bit of a nap for an hour. Then we (Nige, Anna, Lilly and I) went over to Avonmead in Bristol to The Range and I bought some stickers, I bought a box set of them, they aren't brilliant but fine for making fbs and sticking on letters and 2000 stickers for £2.99 you really can't go wrong!! I bought a few other bits and pieces from there as well...then after we had some food and went to M&S and got something for tea we popped into Toys R Us and Instore on the way home.

When we got home we decided to put the heating on as it was cold but then discovered that it was broken!!! ARGH! So mum called British Gas and someone is coming out tomorrow. We would put the fire on but oh no Anna's friend's brat decided a few weeks ago to put some plastic magnetic letters down there which stink when melting! In the end Nige came to the rescue and swung up into the loft and got out the backup heater radiator thingy we have.....Nige you are my hero :) hehe (told you I would add that in) ;)

Then of course I had my forum weekly newsletters to do and a couple of penpal letters to sort out....so been busy busy busy.....

Last night was good as well, Nige and I snuggled up on the sofa under covers and watched a film called "Flight 93" about 9/11. It was a very sad and moving film.

Right I think I might go to bed soon and try to warm up!!!

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