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Ellen Answers....

As promised here are the answers to all the questions you asked...thanks its been fun answering them.

frosty_pickle asked: Do you like kidney pie?
Ewww no, I will tolerate steak and kidney pie but not keen on the kidney....prefer just the steak...and how I ever eat liver at school I don't know....vile just vile!

wunderaliceland asked: Where were you born?
I was born in St Martin's Hospital here in Bath, England. I have lived in Bath all my life :)

redfishies asked: Did you receive the Christmas card I sent?
I did thank you, I am sure I posted about it...or was going to...if I didn't sorry...I had lots of lovely christmas cards from LJ friends this year.

___dash___ asked: There is a building on fire, your in the building on the top floor, its 50 floors up, the stair way has colapsed and the smoke is sufficating, the fire trucks can't reach you, it look like you will die in the flames, jump?
I think I probably would jump because I would rather die instantly than be burnt alive....its just such a horrible thought. I think all higher floors should have emergency parachutes hidden under desks or something just incase!

afrospammer asked: Where would you go on your dream date?
Well my dream date (as we are dreaming here) would be with Phillip Schofield of course heh and I would want to go to his mansion and see his wine cellar (even though I hate wine) and be away from the public. I am so sad :)

lucinda_b asked: Where are you working?
I work from home which is great, I help run an online guesthouse/hotel booking agency.

lightly asked: What song means the most to you and why?
Hmm tricky...I love so many songs. Obviously hearing Phillip sing "Close Every Door To Me" is high up there because it gives me goosepimples and I just think he is amazing. Any song from The Sound Of Music is high up there because it reminds me of my mum, like the whole film does, and she is so important to me. :)

duracell asked: What was your earliest memory?
Getting lost on Weymouth beach I think. I remember the lady who picked me up and helped me look for my mum. I was about three at the time.

qoquaq asked: What is your shoe size?
I have small feet.....size 4 (UK) looking on a converion chart that is size 37 (European) or 6.5 (US).

darker_one asked: Who is your favourite singer/band? Why?
It does change quite often at the moment I am swaying from Take That to Scissor Sisters, I tend to go between the two. Take That because I am so glad they are back even though I was more of a Boyzone fan than Take That in my teenage years they are great and love their songs, especially "Shine" on their new album which is sung mainly by Mark. Scissor Sisters are just really catchy....I love the song "I Can't Decide" on the album Ta-Dah. I love all music though, I quite often have my music on random.

lieutenanth asked: What is the meaning of this?
What this question and answer thing? or life? hehe. Question/answer because I thought I would be bored and I love answering questions and sometimes people want to know more about each other but never get around to asking. Life....fuck knows! :)

ayaluki asked: What has been the happiest time of your life so far?
Hard question because I have had a lot of happy times.....when I found out my sister was pregnant with Lilly I was really shocked then the next day I was doing my paper round on my own and it just hit me that I was going to be an auntie and I felt so overwhelmed. The first time I held Lilly and looked at her was amazing. Look how happy and proud I look...

She is amazing and I am so lucky to share a house with Anna and Lil, to have been here to see the first time she crawled, the first time she walked....and like last week when she fell asleep on me.

whizzin_starz asked: If you could invite 10 of your journal friends to a dinner party, who would they be and why?
Awww can't I invite all of them hehe, ok I would invite....
nigelb28 of course because he is my bestfriend/boyfriend hehe.
flucked_up_girl and yumseta - known them for years and love them.
bnb and hazeln - known Brian since I was 17 and Hazel is cool too.
wawolf and jake_durango (they are not a couple btw hehe) because they are cool dudes.
moosical and thelovebug - known them for years and still not met them!!
nitesky because she is cute but I didn't get to talk to her much when she stayed at the guesthouse
But really I would invite everyone because I want to meet everyone :)

faeriesarereal asked: What is your favourite childhood memory?
So many....going sledging when I was supposed to be at school when it snowed, we never get snow like that anymore, our holidays to weymouth, going rollerskating with my gang of friends which had two names in its time "The Knobs and Knockers" and "The Randy Roller Pissy Posse" :) There are so many more.

whitby5 asked: What would be your dream job and why?
Anything to do with Phillip Schofield, probably I would most love to be his co-presenter though right now my confidence wouldn't be good enough but if it was good enough to do live tv it would be ace to co-present This Morning with him, but I would never want to get rid of his co-presenter at the moment Fern....she is great too so maybe I could just do a special internet related section on the show, but get to sit and chat to Phillip a couple of hours a day before work whilst in the make-up room. *sigh*

miz_mayla asked: Apart from all the online stuff, what else do you do in your spare time?
I love reading so do that quite a lot and watch various shows on tv (at the moment Holby City, Waterloo Road and Dancing on Ice is a must each week), I like going out autograph collecting, in the summer I love going for country walks and taking photos and of course penpalling.

lizzied asked: What is going on with you and Nige? Are you dating - any interest in him? He seems really nice and keen on you :)
Nige and I have an odd relationship...I love him and trust him with my life...just I am crap at committment and I just want to be sure that it is what I want. I don't want to hurt him so we are just seeing what happens over time. We get on well (apart from Nige getting moody in his sleep heh) and I enjoy his company. Who knows what will happen in the future :)

jill_mbs asked: What do you do for work?
I work from home. I help run an online guesthouse/hotel booking agency. Basically I call hotels/B&B's and ask about availability and email guests back telling them how to book. I enjoy it.

wawolf asked: When are you going to come to the States again?
Not sure, I still have confidence issues. I haven't been away from Bath since I had depression so I am going to get away a bit this year - in March I am going up to London and in May I might be going up to Blackpool to meet my buddies Debbie and Deborah. If I can pick up confidence then I may think about going to the states again....if I can afford it. I will probably go back to see my Uncle. Would probably need to go to the docs and get some tablets like my dad does....I am not scared of the plane crashing just get claustraphobic and don't like the fact that I can't get off.

candidsentiment asked: How old are you?
I am 27. I will be 28 on 18th April.

yukko asked: How does the man who drives the snow plough get to work?
I have no idea....poor guy ;)

bizcards asked: Do you have a business card?
I don't have a business card but I am sure some people who read my journal do! If you have any business cards please see Steve's site - http://www.cardeologist.com - Steve collects business cards and is aiming to collect a million....so far he has over 100,000. Steve if I see any I will pick them up, does it have to be anything special, I know companies put them in supermarkets over here but they may not have individual names on, just the company name/number, do you take these type?

islandprncss asked: How many penpals do you have, and how many do you actively keep in contact with?
I am fairly new to penpalling and have about 30 penpals, mainly from the UK. I have exchanged about 3 letters with the ones I started writing to first...I always reply to my penpals, I love hearing from them.

ayuda asked: How long have you been into penpalling?
I started penpalling in October last year....so I am new to it but once you start and get your name in friendship books (fbs) you get loads of pals quickly.

pearshateraqui asked: If you could travel to any era of time in any country of the world, where and when would you go and why?
Ohh not sure to be honest. How would I cope without the internet hehe. I don't think I would really want to travel back in time, I am not very adventurous. I would prefer to travel forward I think and see what is coming up for our planet.

Debbie asked: Whose your fave Scottish Person?
You of course my love ;) heh.

Phew! that was a lot of questions....

Just had a text from Janet, she has good seats at the Dancing On Ice dress rehearsal....hope she gets to talk to Phillip or pass on her note :)

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