Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Shawshank *cry*

Well its a lot warmer in here now we have a cat flap again :)

Tonight Nige and I watched "The Shawshank Redemption" and as usual it made me cry at the end...why do I put myself through it? hehe. I love the film, its my favourite and I try so hard to hold back the tears but I can't. I get like it even on soaps sometimes these days heh :)

A bit upset tonight because people on my autograph forum are arguing again. What happened was Hannah who is an admin let her brothers friend login as her to change her avatar and this boy decided to make a couple of changes on a couple of profiles for a joke....one of them was Debbie's and now Debbie is saying Hannah is bullying her. I just know that Hannah wouldn't have done it, from the start I knew it which is why I didn't take action and demod her etc because I knew there had to be an explanation she just isn't petty like that. I believe it was that boy (he has admitted to it too) and now Hannah has changed her password. But Debbie just isn't letting it drop and it makes me feel shit to be honest, she is like one of my best friends and yet she won't believe in my decisions as far as the forum is concerned, its a bit like she is saying if I don't demod Hannah she is leaving the forum and I don't want that either. Hannah made a big mistake yes but she is a good moderator and a fair person and made one mistake, I am not going to demod her just like that. I guess its going to be up to Debbie what she does, if she decides she can't possibly cope on the forum with Hannah there then that's her decision, I just hope if she does decide to leave that it won't affect our friendship and that if she does leave then she won't ever be a moderator again because people would keep questioning it etc. There are people on the forum that I don't particulary get on with, I tolerate them because that's part of running a forum, people are different. I wish that forum run as nicely as my Phillip one does but then on there I am the only moderator/admin.

Oh well, I am bushed....going to go to bed I think, need to go to the post office at some point tomorrow to post a parcel of Fb's for Debbie and my present to Mark (my boss) and Laura for baby Maisey and some fbs to send home....

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