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Lilly....and shopping...etc

Today Anna and I went along the shops to get some vegetables for tea and stuff. Anna usually goes out on a Tuesday to her friends house but she has a stinking cold this week so feels crappy so we went for a walk along the shops, Moorland Road is so brilliant...I can't remember the last time I went into town because for normal stuff I just don't need to, my bank is along the road, Woolworths etc....I bought a lovely sausage and bean melt from Greggs....I love them. On the way back I went into Shoe Fayre which is a cheap shoe shop and bought some great timberland type boots but obviously not. Anna got some the other day....she got tan colour but I got black ones so they go with everything...will be good for my paper round too and the best thing is they only cost £10...BARGAIN!

When we got back home I decided to try my boots on and maybe walk around the house in them in the hope that I will get used to them and they won't rub too much so Lilly decided she wanted to wear some and so we put her in Anna's....hehe....here she is...not the best picture because she was moving but she thought she was well cool....

Oh and earlier this morning Lilly decided she wanted to do some drawing....and this time the drawing was for me.....Yay my first piece of artwork from her....Anna did the squiggle in the middle the rest Lil did though Anna helped her do the stamping too :)

We have decided that the train journey up to London in March is just too expensive and that I won't go on a coach because I get really bad coach sick...soooo what we are planning on doing is driving up to Heathrow and then parking hopefully in one of the hotel's car parks that I work for at a good rate of £5 a day and then getting the tube into London from there...I really hope we get to meet Phillip....I know Anna and Nige are looking forward to the shopping and that they don't see that me meeting Phillip is the main part of the trip but for me it is. I just hope we get to say hi and give him our cards for his birthday and cake heh :) It will be great to meet Janet, Carol and Ruth too (from my forum).

I finally did some penpal letters yesterday, might make some more fbs tonight because Anna wants to...and Holby is on...hoping to catch up on more letters this week but its hard with work and not having a day off at the moment. I am sure my pals will understand.

Ohh thanks to bizcards for the stamps and fb....the fb was full so I lobbed my address in it and put it in the post and sent back to the person who owns it....not sure it will make it back to her as she made it in 1999 so that is a long time ago and she might have moved....I sent one back to an owner a couple of weeks ago and it came back with "not at this address" so not sure what to do with it now! The stamps will go to charity Steve, I think I have found someone on my Penpal forum that is collecting used stamps for a children's cancer charity.

Right back to work....

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