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Nice to see Nic and Ian....

Yesterday was a good day. yumseta and flucked_up_girl came to Bath to see me and nigelb28. I directed them to my house, I am so rubbish at giving directions but they got here in the end and then we went down to town and had a little look around. I bought Lilly a Mr, Mrs and Baby Potatohead from the Disney Store and a Doris Day book from Fopp. We then went to Shakeaway to get milkshakes.....I had a Twix one for the first time which was yummy!!!! We then came home and just chatted, popped down to Moorland Road to buy Nic a bubble gun and had pizza! Lilly was really shy around Nic and Ian.....it was funny, haven't really seen Lil like that but then she doesn't really meet many new people as Anna mainly hangs around with the same group of Mums and toddlers. Lil wasn't the only shy one though as Nige seemed to be very quiet too. I think it was quite hard for Nige to be honest because I have known Nic and Ian for years and have people in common and memories that Nige wasn't really part of. I am still very annoyed to hear that someone from the old Autograph forum has been slandering Nige when all he did was reject her. I am going to make sure I don't have contact with her again because that is not on, she never even met Nige and he is my best friend and I love him loads.

I am quite tired today so not looking forward to work really...but I was thinking to myself over the last few days how I have felt a lot better this year than any since I had glandular fever. Health wise I seem to be less ill than I used to which is great. I need to work on my weight and stop eating so much junk food but overall I seem to have a lot more energy than I used to which is great as glandular fever/post viral fatigue really did knock me! I just want to bounce back. I am making more effort to get out and walk and stuff. I was thinking as well how since I have been online since I was 15 how groups of friends change. I will always have my little group of friends from LJ/IRC days but I have changed over the past couple of years. I used to spend a lot of time online chatting mainly to men but now when I look at my MSN list I tend to chat more to the ladies from my Phillip Schofield site. Since I left school I tended to talk to men more on IRC and almost felt like I didn't belong in the group of girls that I didn't have anything in common and I felt uncomfortable with most girls but since setting up the site and meeting the ladies I have felt comfortable and happier that I can fit it! I think having depression I lost a lot of confidence.

I have also helped my friend Sharon from the Schofield Forum make a site about the actor Stefan Booth to go with her Stefan Forum which has been fun.

I have been watching "Any Dream Will Do?" each week on the search to find a new Joseph. I have been Sky+ing the Grease one on ITV at the same time but I just can't seem to get into that as much. In ADWD I am a big suppporter of Lee Mead....I really hope he wins.....he is such a cutie and would make a great Joe. When he sings its with feeling...he acts....he tells the story of the song. I am a member of the lee_mead and seem to spending a lot more time on Tanith's Joseph Board. I have been a member there for ages and a friend of Tanith's since setting up my Phil site as he was one of the most famous Joseph's many years ago when he took over from Jason Donovan. Anyway Go Go Lee! :)

Anyway, I better get on....got a feeling there will be a lot of work today! I haven't been the best at keeping my LJ up or reading others recently.....I will try to get back into it I think! :)

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