Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote,
Ellen Stafford

Webkin Poll :)

Hi Friends,

Each year I run an online poll where people choose their favourites. It started as a way to give back to people who enter competitions like I do and now it's become a bit of a tradition. For the past two years I have posted about it in here and people have kindly voted. I am trying to get more entries this year, last year I had about 480. Gosh I sound so sad!! 
Anyway if you would like to enter this year there are prizes to be won including £25 Amazon voucher, £10 Whizzbitz vouchers, crafty stuff, web hosting and more....please visit


UK entrants only. :)

I might get back to Livejournal sometime!!!! Who knows....so busy with work and Schofield Fans at the moment. Hope everyone is well. Catch up with me on facebook too....Ellen Stafford in the Bristol network :)


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